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Press Mentions

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App Watch: This App Could Save Your Life
By Brendan Moran, Wall Street Journal, May 27, 2011
“Called Fire Department, the app allows people trained in CPR to sign up to receive text messages when someone nearby is suffering cardiac arrest… Nonprofits Code for America and Civic Commons are assisting with the open source environment to allow other developers to contribute to the project and eventually make the technology available world-wide.”

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U.S. Government Open-Sources IT Dashboard to Help Cut Tech Costs
By Jolie O’Dell, Mashable, March 31, 2011
“The government is working with Code for America for this release. In am announcement, CfA said, “‘The IT Dashboard was a major component of the process the Federal Government employed to save over $3 billion in just its first two years of deployment.’”

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White House releases IT Dashboard as open source code
By Alex Howard, O’Reilly Radar, March 31, 2011
“The White House has released the software code for its IT Dashboard and TechStat toolkit. The initiative was coordinated through Civic Commons, a code-sharing project incubated within Code for America that helps governments share technology for the public good, with support from OpenPlans.”

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Code for America, federal government release federal IT dashboard for public use
By Jeffrey Smith, Governing People, March 31, 2011
“Code for America, in collaboration with OpenPlans and the Federal Government have made the Federal IT Dashboard available for any government entity to use and customize through the organization’s Civic Commons project.”

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Capitalizing on Collaboration: How Shared Services are Saving Local Government Budgets
By Todd Sander, Digital Communities, March, 2011 [in-print; pdf]
“The newly formed Civic Commons group is an organization that aims to empower governments to share technology for the public good… Jennifer Pahlka, executive director of Code for America, described Civic Commons as a way to help governments share software they have developed, and thereby reduce IT costs, foster collaboration and spur innovation.”

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