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Marketplace Demo: Video

During the first annual Code for America Summit, a major piece of the event was held for demos — quick, focused presentations of real-world examples of impact. Two Civic Commons team members, Nick Grossman and Jeremy Canfield, took to the stage to demo the CC Marketplace (then in closed beta, now open for business!). If [...]

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Civic Commons Marketplace Opens for Business

We’re happy to announce that theĀ the Civic Commons MarketplaceĀ is now open for public use. The Marketplace has been in development for the past few months as our team worked to resolve bugs and polish the interface. Though still in beta, we invite you to come check it out: At its core, the Marketplace is [...]

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New York City Bus Tracking: Procuring for an Open Architecture

Real-time bus tracking is one of civic technology’s easier calls. No one likes guessing when next bus will come: “Do I need to run for it?”, “Do I have time to duck into that corner store and get a newspaper?”, etc. So people immediately grasp the benefit of being able to ask their smartphone where [...]

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Crowdsourcing Civic Infrastructure

Across America, the challenges facing city governments are growing ever more complex, while city budgets are tightening. At the same time, the internet has made it cheaper and easier for elected officials to communicate with their constituents. This made us think: What if cities started using the internet to organize citizen volunteers? If executed properly, [...]

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